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Why We Created Our Last Collection

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From the brainstorming to the bottling, our polishes are always carefully curated — but after everything that’s happened this year, we needed our last collection to soothe the soul. In November, we introduced “Calm,” a blend of pastels. But more than pretty hues, this collection embodies precisely what we all need right now. Here’s how it all came together. 

The Concept

We are coming to the end of a tough year, and uneasiness about what’s to come is ever-present in our immediate environments. Many people are struggling with anxiety and feelings of hopelessness, and we felt that our Rooted Woman community — in particular — needed an encouraging reminder to seek peace within. “Calm” is a simple yet powerful statement that invites you to stop for a second to breathe in. Now that you can wear it on your nails, we hope you are encouraged to do that more often.

The Products

We named each polish within this collection after every stage of the journey to peace. We believe in the ability to Release the need for control and answers; Flow with flexibility through the seasons; be kind and Gentle to ourselves; Meditate on pleasant things; and allow the body to physically Rest. All of these self-care practices lead to clarity and emotional relief. 

The Descriptions 

We knew each description had to speak to the soul of the Rooted Woman, so we enlisted the help of our long-time friend Rosalyn. Through meditation and letting her words “flow,” she created the powerful affirmations that describe our polishes. 

Give Us Your Feedback 

This collection is extremely dear to us. Now that you know the background of this new collection, we want to hear from you. How do our new polishes make you feel? What’s your favorite polish in this collection? Let us know below. 

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