Rooted Woman

Farewell, at least for now.

Dear Rooted Woman, 

Let me start with how in awe I am of what we’ve built together! I could not have guessed that my personal journey of self-love and holistic womanhood would generate a community of 15K+ women dedicated to radical self-care. I am inexpressibly grateful for every contributor to this legacy. 

Much like you, the Rooted Woman team and I have experienced a lot of life, specifically over the past two years. Externally we’ve grieved racial turmoil, a global pandemic, a financial recession, supply chain issues, and inflation. But, more intimately, we’ve encouraged each other’s hearts through births, deaths, moves, and more emotional and physical highs and lows than I could capture here in words. We simply are not the same women that started and have steered this brand and movement  — which is a beautifully complex realization. 

We sought to be a sanctuary and a safe haven for you in some of the scarier, more hopeless times of this generation. Yet, I decided to slow the business down last year as an intentional act of self-care to give our team space for internal reconnection and restoration. 

Recently, I’ve felt the draw to take a different approach and connect with Rooted Woman in a way that honors the complexity of external challenges and internal evolution. To do that, I’ve decided to intentionally pause Rooted Woman, effective July 29, 2022.

I am immensely grateful for your support and dedication to Rooted Woman. I am beyond honored that you allowed Rooted Woman to have a place in your life, your home, and your sacred self-care practice. Our mantra and truth remains that self-care is not a selfish reward, but a necessary practice that should be accessible in the lives of all women. Let’s Stay Rooted together!

Be well,

What does this mean for our community?

ou won’t hear from us very much. We’re taking a respite from social media, and we may deactivate our profile at some point. We’ll only drop in your inbox if we have something significant to share. 

What does this mean for self-care?

Although you may feel the absence of our presence, our charge is still the same. We encourage you to prioritize your well-being, maintain healthy boundaries, and honor your womanhood journey. We will continue our advocacy and self-care practices behind the scenes, while cheering you on from a distance. 

Farewell for now — but don’t forget about us! 

Rooted Woman may return in the future on a seasonal or limited-edition basis. If you’re interested in being contacted if the store reopens please sign up below, and we’ll reach out when the time is right.

Lastly, I would love to know how Rooted Woman has impacted your life up to this point! Drop us a note at