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Outdoor Self-Care: Summer’s Main Event

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Most of life’s focus is on the hustle and bustle, but there’s a unique lure of respite in the summer. From longer days to long-awaited trips, these next few months offer endless possibilities to revive and refresh your self-care routine. We believe many feel-good moments will find you this summer — and many of them will lead you outside. 

Being outside has many health benefits, from the immune boost of vitamin D to the stress-relieving sights and sounds of nature. There’s so much soothing energy to exchange with nature, and we encourage you to seek out ways to unwind and unplug right within your neighborhood. Local happenings like the ones below are a great place to start. We even threw in some Rooted Woman polishes that fit the mood for each activity. 

5k Runs or Marathons

A long-distance run or walk gives you a sense of accomplishment, gets your blood flowing, and offers the added sentiments of supporting a cause that you care about.  

Rooted Woman polish suggestions: Unwavering, Victorious, Release 

Outdoor Concerts and Festivals

Grab a blanket and set up in front of the stage of your favorite bands, artists, and vendors. The relaxing outdoor scenes and nice grooves will lift your spirits and leave you feeling rejuvenated. 

Rooted Woman polish suggestions: Flow, Joyful, Freedom 

Backyard Cookouts

Great conversation and comfort food can go a long way for your soul. Get friends over for your favorite grilling recipes and dream big about the future until you see the stars. 

Rooted Woman polish suggestions: Renew, Compassion, Overflowing 

Outdoor Meditation or Yoga Class 

Inhale fresh air, exhale stress and worry! Getting outdoors for some mindfulness practices will center and ground you in the calmness of the present moment.

Rooted Woman polish suggestions: Meditate, Rest, Awakening 

Outdoor Yard Sale

There’s nothing like retail therapy in a neighborly, affordable way! A yard sale is an excellent way to find nostalgic treasures, add to your collector’s items, or even fill in a space in your home. 

Rooted Woman polish suggestions: Unconditionally Loved, Grateful, Gentle 

Share Your Summer Event Plans With Us! 

We’re excited for you to refresh your spirit this summer in memorable ways. We hope this summer gets you outside relaxing, expressing yourself freely, and doing what makes your soul joyful. 

In the comments, tell us what outdoor events you are looking forward to this year!

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