Our Story – Rooted Woman

Our Story

It's a deeply personal journey for the original Rooted Woman, India D. Williams, who took 2015 to unapologetically hit the pause button on her professional life in pursuit of personal wellness. Work was life, until Williams' health took a turn, bringing her priorities sharply into focus. During her six-month journey, she regained her health, and her purpose - to create a community of women who value self-care.

We curate non-toxic, ethical nail polishes and treatments to promote radical self-care for women.  Our polishes are made in small batches, and as such, may reflect slight variation in color. This is by design and in keeping with our standard of authenticity.

Rooted Woman seeks to revolutionize the narrative of self-care as a selfish reward to a necessary practice that should be
supported and accessible within the lives of women—at every
stage of their journey through womanhood. We promote self-care through our ethical, non-toxic nail polish and treatments.

Rooted Woman Nail Polish



We focus on self-love because we believe it determines the ways in which we impact people and navigate situations and experiences.

We prioritize our mental, physical and spiritual health by being intentional about the products we use, our diets and habits.

We are committed to creating safe spaces for women to share, relate and grow.

We believe that self-care looks different for everyone and support practices that benefit a sound mind, body, and soul.