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Getting Ready For New Beginnings

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If you're anything like us, you may feel like you've already experienced enough change for a lifetime. Whether it was isolated alone time, hectic work-from-home schedules, a layoff or job change, loss of a loved one or even moving to a new city — we believe the last two years pushed many of us, often painfully, into personal evolution. Now, it's time to start reaping the benefits of this in new love, new self-awareness, and new opportunities, and we believe these new beginnings are on the horizon for you, Rooted Woman. Are you ready to receive it all? 

We hope these self-care hacks can help you steward your new beginnings.


Understand that new is natural.

Although nothing about what we've experienced lately is normal, the evolution of life is very natural. Everything on earth changes; the weather changes from day to day, seasons change from month to month, babies and children change as they grow, family dynamics change, and even the menu at your favorite restaurant! In the moments where the newness of your life starts to feel overwhelming, ground yourself. Remember that what you're experiencing is healthy and life-enriching.


Be patient with your process. 

It is normal to have mixed feelings about entering into new beginnings. No matter how much time has passed, give yourself the grace to fluctuate between grieving what was and exploring and celebrating what's new. With patience, gentleness, and kindness with yourself, you can successfully process through your feelings and relax into what's next for you. 


Stay true to you in the new. 

New beginnings offer the opportunity to make life more desirable. As life demands more adjustments to your environment, schedule, self-care routine, identity, or even your desires, stay true to your boundaries and stay in touch with your higher self. Move with confidence, knowing that every adjustment makes your lifestyle more true to who you are. Take pride in taking charge of the variables in your life and continuously tailoring your lifestyle to represent your best life!


Journal the process. 

Keep track of your mental space on paper to stay in the present as you navigate through the new. Here are some questions to consider:

  • What are the negatives and positives of the changes you've experienced and are experiencing?
  • How can you make change more positive than negative in your life moving forward? 
  • Who is impacted by your new, and how can you manage expectations and set boundaries to help them adjust?
  • How do your new beginnings satisfy your old dreams and desires?

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