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The Power of A Woman

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It’s Women’s History Month — our favorite time of year! Although we celebrate and uplift women every day, this month offers us a chance to reflect on the awe of being a woman. We are excited to honor womanhood in its many stages and phases!

We Have Versatility in Our Feminine Energy

We define beauty on our terms. We can wear pants or a dress, long hair or a fade, glamorized makeup — or no makeup at all, and make it look divine. We believe sensuality isn’t based on what we wear, but how we show up in confidence and wholeness.

We Have a Heightened Sense of Emotional Awareness and Empathy

We excel in the business and corporate sectors, despite opposition. Studies cited by show women are stronger at reading non-verbal cues, facilitating conversation, and encouraging collaboration. In short, we are jewels to the workforce. We encourage you to own your worth!

We Are Life-Giving 

Women have an innate gift of getting it (whatever it may be) done. Whether it’s business-related, a financial goal, event, or a personal goal — we are masters of detail, vision, and development. We pour our hearts into making things grow and flourish. We wholeheartedly believe we make the world go-'round! 

We Love Hard 

A woman’s love comes from a deeper place, and while we’re often praised for our ability to uphold and uplift others, we believe we are most powerful when we turn that love inward. Through self-love, we empower ourselves to recognize our broken places, be tender with our healing, and practice self-accountability all at the same time.

To say the least, womanhood is extraordinary! We’d love to know how womanhood moves you! Tell us your favorite thing about being a woman in the comments.

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