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Self-Trust In Action

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It’s more than just how you feel about yourself — self-trust births action. Low self-trust can cause self-doubt, jealousy, indecisiveness, and a need for validation. Conversely, high self-trust allows you to live freely in who you are in any space or opportunity, unapologetically. 

Last year, we shared some tips for what it looks like to put self-trust into action. The blog opened with, “Self-trust runs deep,” and we genuinely believe trusting yourself affects the deepest parts of your energy, how you think, and most importantly, your self-care. 

As the second half of 2022 sweeps in, you may feel tempted to look around and see what everyone else is doing to compare your progress. Instead, we hope you use the next six months to get closer to a more authentic version of you through self-trust and self-care. Try to trust yourself more in three significant ways:

Trust yourself to deal with the past. 

Previous trauma or disappointment has a way of conditioning you to shrink or be silent without realizing it. There is healing in sharing your truth and protecting your peace. Whether it’s counseling, journaling, or meditation, trust yourself to release your raw emotions. On the other side of working through them, there is newfound peace

Trust yourself to pursue what scares you.

Too often, we dream with no expectations of it becoming a reality. We encourage you to believe it for yourself, and to bet on yourself to make it happen. Have the courage to put yourself in the circles that can attract your desires, ask for what you want, and don’t settle for less. It’s not crazy to want the best— and we believe you can get and maintain it. Why don’t you?

Trust yourself to change your mind or start over. 

Who said you had to follow a straight path? Changing courses to find your joy isn’t inconvenient or selfish. It’s the beauty of life! So try again, Rooted Woman, or try something completely new. Release the people who doubt you, the negative thoughts that downplay your abilities, and your past failures. None of that defines you. You are not the same person you once were, and with what you know now, you can create a more blessed, fulfilling life.

Incorporate these intentions into your self-care routine and watch your confidence blossom. 

Tell us in the comments, which one of these areas of self-trust will you pursue next? 

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