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Warm Weather Self-Care Ideas

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It’s a great time of year to start expanding your self-care routine. Last year, our regimes were confined to quarantine quarters; but we have a little more freedom this year. Take full advantage of the warm weather with these summer-inspired self-care practices.

Drive With The Windows Down 

Take in the fresh air and let the breeze hit your skin on your grocery store runs or road trips. 

Lounge Outdoors 

The couch is our best friend, too — but the back patio misses you! Grab a cozy lounger or yoga mat and get in some mindful meditation as birds chirp and the sun kisses your skin. 

Pick Seasonal Produce 

Whether you prefer reviving your backyard garden or visiting a local farm, picking home-grown produce is a fun — and delicious — pastime. Plus, picking fresh, sustainable fruits and vegetables can make you feel better about what you eat. 

Conquer A Fitness Goal

Warm weather offers the perfect scene for you to challenge yourself to hike the mountain, create your next big idea on that long nature trail, or finally train for and run your first marathon. Pushing your body to new levels can boost your overall courage and confidence. 

Take A Summer Break 

Even if you’re not in school — you deserve extended time off to rest and recharge — vacation or staycation with loved ones or alone. Explore somewhere near or revisit a place that brings back happy memories. 

Stock Up On Self-Care Must Haves

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We can’t wait to hear about how you are prioritizing self-care this summer. If you practice any of these self-care tips above, let us see it on IG by tagging @RootedWoman.

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