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Do You Honor Your Authentic Voice?

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Your voice is the vocal expression of your identity. Your language, tone, and mannerisms radiate your personality, beliefs, goals, and triumphs. The task we face as women is shaking off societal projections and learned behaviors to find self-expression that is authentic to who we are. 

It’s your authentic voice that makes you feel free.  

It’s your authentic voice that resonates with others like you.  

It’s your authentic voice that we encourage you to nurture and practice daily.  

Your Authentic Voice Is Your Center 

Authentic self-expression requires you to stay in touch with yourself enough to express your true feelings and beliefs. Take reflective moments to consult with yourself about your core values, your reoccurring emotions, and your dreams. From that centered place, self-expression flows more freely. 

“I allow my experiences to carry me to the destinations of my heart’s desire. I am always in flow with my highest good.”

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Your Authentic Voice Is Your Change Agent 

Don’t be afraid to express yourself from fear of how people will perceive you. The most influential people speak their minds unapologetically to incite change, to right wrongs, and to save lives. You can do that too, Rooted Woman. You never know what monumental things will shift in your family, community, workplace, or even within you when you stop hiding and start voicing what’s really on your mind.

“I choose to stand boldly in the face of adversity, knowing I will overcome whatever lies ahead.”

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Your Authentic Voice Is A Classroom 

There’s always more to learn about authentic self-expression. Our sister platform, Rooted Woman University, offers courses and resources to help love you and learn you so that you can master your voice. Register for self-discovery courses on topics like nutrition, professional development, relationships, finances, and so much more. And if you’re a “Staying Rooted” newsletter subscriber, you can get up to 50% off Rooted Woman products when you take one of the available courses

We’ll be sharing more tips for how to find your authentic voice via our IG posts this week. Join the conversation @RootedWoman.

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