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Four Ways To Make Weekends More Gratifying

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Over the last year of working, entertaining, existing (and everything else) from home, you may feel like the days are still melting together. Weekends may seem like weekdays — or worse, the weekends may go by and you can’t even account for how you spent the time. Do you remember when we used to wait for Friday all week long? With summer right around the corner and the world slowly opening back up, we believe it’s time to rebuild the excitement around these traditional off days by giving you ways to fill them with gratifying self-care that can make them feel longer! 

#1: Electronic Detox

You do all you can during the week. Take the weekends to step away from all things work-related and indulge in everything that makes you feel replenished and grounded. Setting aside time for yourself is responsible, empowering, and important — plus, it invariably results in time well spent. Take it a step further and consider stepping away from social media and constant news updates. You never know how much time you’ll save when you’re not scrolling on your phone. And in this climate, a social media break can also help your mental state and bring you back to your center.


#2: Soak Up The Sun

Use the weekends to stock up on vitamin D and serotonin! The warm weather and sunlight can make you feel good from the inside and out. This time of year, the sun is shining longer and evenings are nice and breezy. You have ample time to go outside to dance in the wind and allow the rays to hug your soul. Remember to wear some SPF, though! 


#3: Check Out Local Events

Fly solo or grab a group of friends to explore local events happening near you. Although social distancing may prevent some of your usual summer plans, spring and summer weather are perfect for outdoor fitness events, food truck festivals, beer + wine festivities, restaurant patio dates, and more! There is always something new to try or a new place to go. Whether you’re into spontaneous or thoroughly planned outings, either one will allow you to change up your routine by adding in a different destination. 

#4: Indulge Yourself

Take yourself out on a date, treat yourself to things that you usually don’t get the chance to, and be nice to yourself. Spoiling yourself can look different depending on your personality, but don’t be afraid to do whatever your soul needs at the moment. Make memories that will last, do what makes you feel whole and relaxed, and know that putting time into yourself is better for you in the long run.

How do you spend your off days? What makes you feel replenished after a long week? Share your thoughts with the community below!

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