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Being Unapologetically You

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Your life is a direct reflection of the you that you bring to the table. Being anything other than yourself can leave you feeling like you’re chasing a life that continues to evade you. In this place, stress, loss of identity, depression, and emotional walls start to form. But imagine if you set aside everything you thought you were “supposed” to do to be a good human being, and started showing up exactly how you wanted to, regardless of who approved of it? That could sound scary — but also undeniably liberating.

There’s a whole new level of life waiting for the Rooted Woman who is courageous enough to be herself without apologizing for it. Life tends to align more naturally and vibrantly with the people and opportunities that feel genuine when you actively embrace your uniqueness out loud.

There are two rites of passage to wholeheartedly living unapologetically: 1) self-acceptance, and 2) self-stewardship.



We often picture ourselves differently than we are, leaning into an idealized version of who we want to be in the future. While it’s okay to have goals for self-improvement, it’s not okay to discount who you are today because you haven’t become that person yet. Besides, what if you never become that person?

Self-acceptance is the conscious act of surrendering to who you are right now. It’s about realizing that you are amazing and valuable, as is — nothing taken away or added. We encourage you to look at, talk to, and think about yourself more lovingly and inclusively. 

Repeat this to yourself often: “I am unique, and that is enough.”



It’s your responsibility to create a healthy relationship with your past and decide how it can affect you today. Living in your truth is owning all of the parts of your story — success, failure, hurt, and joy — with gentleness and kindness. It’s about developing a healthy sense of pride for how your truth has shaped you, while creating a narrative that makes it inspirational. It is your truth that can empower you to keep going. It is your truth that can motivate another sister. It is your truth that can invite a change at your job or in your community — but only when appropriately stewarded. Decide how you want to wear your truth, share your truth, and protect your truth (even from your own negativity), and stick to that in every scenario.

Repeat this to yourself often: “There’s strength in my story.”


The Power of The Unapologetic You 

We get to close out this month celebrating Women’s Equality Day on the 26th. This national holiday honors the fight and perseverance of being a woman. It marks the consistent presence of powerful, unapologetic, feminine voices that have risen to do the hard work of advocating for change. We’ve seen much progress in the last century, but we believe the best is yet to come — or should we say, the most unapologetic version of the woman is yet to emerge. (That’s you, Rooted Woman!)

Let’s talk it out:

  • What change can you imagine yourself making by living more unapologetically?
  • What do you think would happen if you spoke your authentic thoughts more often?
  • How can you show up as more of yourself in your workplace and relationships?
  • What’s stopping you from being you?

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