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Give Yourself a Round of Applause

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You are taking the world by storm, sis. You set the bar high for yourself and others every day. As your dreams and goals get more extensive, you become even more laser-focused on self-improvement and changing your generational legacy. But as you excel, are you keeping track of all the progress you’ve already made? 

Don’t wait ‘til you’ve crossed the finish line to celebrate yourself!

Right here (and in every moment moving forward), you deserve self-praise. The obstacles you faced to become the you you are today weren’t easy. So take every moment you can to offer yourself soul-rejuvenating applause for how much you’ve learned and persevered. Reflect on every achievement and remind yourself that the woman you see in the mirror is self-made, and she deserves the best that life has to offer. 

Here are three benefits to celebrating yourself more.

Reason #1: It Helps You Embrace Every Minute Of Your Journey

Remember how you made it through that one tough day or how you handled a difficult situation with grace? Or, what about the moments you didn’t want to show up, but you did anyway? Those are small victories, Rooted Woman, but they each play a significant role in your big wins. Those moments deserve as much recognition as all the others.

Reason #2: It Shifts Your Focus Toward Peace & Gratitude

Too much of “the hustle life” can cause a woman to feel overwhelmed and discontent in her current space. But if you pause to look around, it puts everything back into perspective. You’ll notice the details of the beautiful life you’ve created (yes, beautiful – flaws and all!). You’ll see just how much you’ve manifested already. And after gratitude sets in, you’ll be willing to release whatever uncomfortableness you may feel in the wait for what’s yet to come.

Reason #3: Your Growth Will Motivate You

Celebrating yourself along any journey is an act of self-love that can boost self-esteem, give you a sense of purpose, and get you excited for the future. Acknowledging your greatness and sitting within that positive energy is empowering. When you applaud yourself, you remind yourself that you have something great to offer the world, no matter what anyone else believes about you. That, then, becomes the unshakeable foundation for your next big move. 

You’re always becoming, so there will always be something new to celebrate. That’s why we encourage you to make applauding yourself a lifelong habit.

Why not start here? In the comments, tell us what you’re most proud of this year.

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