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Taking Care During the Holidays

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Taking Care During the Holidays

We know that the holidays can be an interesting and busy time. Between quickly approaching deadlines, extra traffic near any kind of store, colder, darker nights, and planning for a new year it can be easy for self-care to get lost in the sauce. But no worries love, think of Rooted Woman as your Self-Care Accountability Partner! We've got three tips to help you take care this holiday season:

1. Move your body.

Nothing shakes off that seasonal funk like reconnecting to your body. Start your morning with a good s t r e t c h, drop in to that yoga studio you’ve been meaning to try, head back to spin class, or turn on your jam and dance around in your room. Research suggests that moving our bodies gets our heart pumping and blood flowing, which can reduce stress + anxiety.

2. Cultivate connection.

Cold weather, darker days -- the holiday season can get lonely and uninspiring. Cultivate connection to your community by joining Facebook groups, scheduling FaceTime calls with friends, or hosting a game night with your coworkers. Being in community reminds us that we are not alone; we have more things in common with folks than we like to think.

3. Make time for reflection.

Whew. Is it just us, or has 2019 be a long year? Be sure to carve out some time to reflect on all of the blessings, experiences, and lessons this year has brought you. It doesn’t have to be long: in the shower, on your commute to work, a few minutes before bed. A few moments of gratitude can remind us that although everything in life may not go as planned, we have a lot to be thankful for.


Feel free to check in with us on Instagram @RootedWoman and let us know your favorite ways to take care during the holidays!

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