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"No" is a Full Sentence

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It does not have to be explained, supported by three findings, or proven over time. Beyonce said it best, “the first time I said no is like I never said yes.” Sometimes saying no is met with so much curiosity and guilt-tripping from those around us that you would think it’s the only word we ever use -- when really we could use it a lot more often.

Saying no is one way that we can begin to create healthy boundaries in our lives to remind (ourselves) and those around us what we will and will not accept. It also creates more room for us to say yes to things that really matter: practicing self-care, resting, traveling, etc. 

Here are 3 things to ask yourself before saying yes:

By saying yes, am I adding value to my life?
What else can I make room for by saying no?
Am I saying yes out of my own pure desire, or out of obligation?

Of course there are so many different ways we can determine our “full body yes”, as Dr. Crystal Jones would say, so this is just a place to start. Check-in with yourself every time you have a strong desire to say yes. If future propositions don’t make you feel just like that, practice your no. The more we practice our no, the stronger it will become. 

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