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What is a Rooted Woman?

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Trees must be rooted before they have to ability to rise. The soil they are planted in influences how fast, strong, and beautiful they grow. Their roots remind them of where they started, while still supporting them in where they are going. Being a Rooted Woman means surrounding yourself with the things and people who keep you grounded when the happenings of life try to sweep you away. It means using the past as stepping stones to move us forward.

Here at Rooted Woman, we are rooted in connection, community, and self-care. It is important to be aware of where we are rooted in order to know what we will grow into. Here are a few practical ways to examine your roots:

1. Learn Yourself Every day.

Make time for self-reflection a few nights a week. Record anything new that you learned about yourself either through conversations, your response to situations, or meditating. Throughout the week, stay curious about what all of these things have in common. Write down any themes you notice.

2. Show Your Community.

During these few days, intentionally show your community one thing that you are rooted in. Notice how your heart feels, notice your breath. 

3. Find Joy.

Make a list of those things that automatically, always, all ways, fill you up. Those things that bring your heart so much joy that it feels like it may burst! Write them down, do more of them. Do these have anything in common with questions #1 and #2?

By taking note of the themes in our life we discover what habits, beliefs and people are most important to us. Here, is where we find our roots. 

These are only a few, quick ways that we may begin to discover what we are rooted in. There is no wrong or right way to go about doing your work. We would love to connect with us on Instagram @RootedWoman, and know what you are rooted in.


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