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Self-Care Gifts For Mothers

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Mother’s Day is such a special day. It’s a time to celebrate all the hard work that women do rearing and nurturing the next generation. Whether you are a mother, know one, or have one — we believe you have something to celebrate. We believe that the best gift you can give any mother is an opportunity to prioritize herself. Here are some of our self-care gift ideas for Mother’s Day and beyond.

Rooted Woman Self-Care Bundles

You can give the gift of a Rooted Woman manicure session with our Abundance or Indulgence bundles. You can mix and match new shades and old faves of our non-toxic, ethically sourced nail polishes and treatments. If you want even more flexibility, snag a gift card!

Arts and Crafts Kit

Whether it’s canvas painting, scrapbooking, or even candling making, the ability to express creativity liberates the mind, body, and soul. You can purchase a crafting kit online or create a more personalized approach by shopping for the supplies yourself. For even more fun, make it a group event with your favorite wine (because who doesn’t love a good craft and paint session?!).

Live Plants

Make your favorite mom a plant mom, too! Live plants are something any woman can care for, with a lot less maintenance than a human life. Yet, plants add so much to an environment, including positive energy, cleaner air — and even fresh herbs and spices. 

Self-Help Products

Allow the mothers in your life to get in touch with themselves on a deeper level with self-improvement resources they can enjoy in their downtime. It could be a self-help book, a nourishing product box, or a self-love course like those available on Rooted Woman University; either way, self-improvement is a very thoughtful self-care gift! 

Express Your Gratitude

Our last self-care gift idea doesn’t cost a thing. Sometimes, the best gift is your words of affirmation. We encourage you to tell a mother how much you appreciate her. Write a detailed letter or make a sentimental toast at dinner — no matter what, make sure that the mothers in your life know how much they mean to you! 

Let’s Hear From You! 

What are your plans for Mother’s Day? 

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