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Self-Care For Holiday Cheer!

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If we can be honest, the holidays feel a bit gloomier this year. The season's joy has been overshadowed by election uncertainty, a lingering pandemic, and the emotional roller coaster of crisis after crisis. But if we could ask for anything, it would be for you to get your joy back. Try some of these self-care tips to ring in some holiday cheer. 

Take Time Off

Yes, you have deadlines to meet — and for many, our homes are still our offices — but there's something about setting aside work that gives you more room to embrace the holiday spirit. We encourage you to take as much time off from your responsibilities as you can. The longer the break, the more chances for you to relax, unwind, and be merry! 


Deck your halls, Rooted Woman! Whether it's an over-decorated tree or a winter wonderland in your front yard, do it your way. Create a festive environment in and around your home that brings you joy daily. You can even go a step further to make a decorating party with your family or girlfriends and your favorite holiday tunes. Don't forget the ugly sweaters! 

Wear Some Cheer 

Speaking of sweaters, festive fashion can put a pep in your step. Wear winter reds and greens — even on your nails! We have a collection of red polishes and a new green shade that will give you a holiday-inspired manicure you'll love to show off. 

Enjoy A Seasonal Treat

Whether it's a gingerbread scented candle, spiked eggnog, or a pumpkin-spiced latte, allow yourself to splurge on the delights that are only available this time of year. 

Gather And Connect

More than anything, the holiday season is about spending time with loved ones. If the pandemic allows it, follow through with the holiday parties and present exchanges. If you can't gather, try hand-writing and sending out personalized Christmas cards with loving messages.  

Overall, simply let yourself be happy this week, Rooted Woman. Merry Christmas!

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