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Questions To Ask Yourself About Sisterhood

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February meets us with the realities of where we stand in our relationships (or lack thereof). If we are not careful, it could breed loneliness or a longing for more. As Rooted Women, human connection renews us; and most often, the safest place to find it is with our best girlfriends. We long for real friendships because superficial relationships don’t serve us. When we have a place to share and receive vulnerability, we know and feel we are not alone.

Sisterhood is an association, society, or community of women linked by a common interest. For us, this bond goes beyond being a family. In a sisterhood, you become a collective. You want your sisters to succeed, and you support the ups and downs of that process. You do this because you care for them, and they care for you. The validation that comes from being seen by other people with similar interests is powerful. 

If you are looking for sisterhood, you can embrace being part of ours. Via our social media, our email community, and our new sister platform, Rooted Woman University, we’ve created a network of more than 12K women linked by radical self-care and profound self-discovery. In 2020, we leaned into the Rooted Woman sisterhood more than ever to make it through a rough year, and we want to continue cultivating space for you to do the same this year. 

We know the Rooted Woman sisterhood wouldn’t be possible without you. Because of that, we encourage you to sit with how you can make sisterhood stronger in your life this year. 

Here are four questions to ask yourself: 

  • Is sisterhood a priority to me? 
  • What does true sisterhood look like for me? 
  • How’s my experience been with sisterhood (positive or negative) up until now? 
  • Have I been a good sister-friend to those I say I cherish? 
  • Who do I need to become to be the best sister I can be? 

We want to hear from you. Share some of your reflections in the comments below! 

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