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Loving You All Year Long

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Rooted Woman, your life is a reflection of self-love. Seeing and treating yourself as valuable and precious will trickle into every area of your life, from your body to your self-esteem to how you treat others and accept others’ treatment.  

February is a month focused on valuing love, and we believe you can use the momentum to set up a satisfying self-love journey throughout the rest of this year. Besides, what better time to shower yourself with affection and self-prioritization than the Month of Love? Get started with these power self-love demonstrations below. 

Break Off Hurtful Relationships 

Self-love means choosing yourself above the people in your life who can’t honor your boundaries and expectations. Sometimes, you have to love yourself enough to be single. Sometimes, you have to love yourself enough to let go of that lifelong friendship. It may hurt temporarily, but you’ll find that peace and happiness are abundant on the other side of the letting go process.

Spend Time In The Mirror 

Take a few moments each day to look at yourself in the mirror and tell yourself how beautiful you are. Remind yourself of how much you love yourself, and how grateful you are for your body and skin. Hearing others tell you these things is one thing, but hearing you tell yourself is another level of freedom and adoration for yourself. 

Write A List Of Things You Love About Yourself 

Journal out your positive attributes! List the things that make you feel unique, funny, smart, and alluring. Refer to this list any time you’re feeling down on yourself. 

Treat Yourself To An In-Home Spa Day 

Of course, you can’t let February pass by without a little pampering. Run a hot bubble bath, put on the clay mask, and grab a Rooted Woman polish with your favorite affirmation for a quiet evening in. We promise you’ll find that you’re great company.

Tag us in your self-love moments this month, @RootedWoman! We look forward to celebrating you as you celebrate yourself.

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