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Moving With Purpose To Elevate Rest

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We’re about to shift into the Spring of 2021! This year has already had its positives and negatives, and there are sure to be more. Maybe you felt pumped for this year, or perhaps the struggles of last year are still trickling into this present moment. It’s crucial, now more than ever, to rest. Sure, you could hustle to check off more boxes on your to-do list for the day, but is the quality of what you’ve done shining through? Was the exhaustion worth it? Are you closer to fulfilling your purpose? Instead of trying to keep up, we encourage you to shift your intention to move with purpose and setting intentions. However, we know that this can be easier said than done with so many things on a Rooted Woman’s plate. 

Often, we get overly restless and frustrated with our plate. Without putting things into perspective, life can start to happen to us – and we begin to feel like we’re going nowhere. But, setting intentions breeds positivity. Moving with purpose helps you feel motivated instead of overwhelmed, empowered instead of defeated, and alert instead of exhausted. To move with purpose can be as simple as acknowledging your humanity. Throughout your daily tasks, try asking yourself, “Does this bring me closer to my desired goal?” and “Does this bring me joy?” Aligning ourselves with our purpose can better help us align with where we want to exert our energy. It is a powerful way to strategize for rest. 

Are you struggling to navigate your intentions this year? We encourage you first to evaluate your relationship with the biggest factors in intention setting: your tolerance for toxic energy, your prioritization of self-care, and your ability to focus:


  • Start where you are 
  • Forgive yourself
  • Give yourself grace, knowing that you are doing your best 
  • Where you feel you can do better, invite the shift 

We encourage you to take on the intention of moving with purpose, and from it you will elevate your rest. Always remember that rest is a necessity. It is your birthright, and anything you do to promote it in your life will be beneficial to you. By prioritizing your intentions, you open your world up to mental, physical, and emotional rest that can reset, recharge, and revitalize your life.

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