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Our Guide To Living Cleaner

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The idea of living cleaner and greener sounds good, right, but where does one start? Between learning what toxins to avoid and actually finding healthier alternatives in the store — it may seem like an overwhelming project that you don’t have time to add to your to-do list. Yes, clean living takes a little bit more effort, but switching to products with more naturally derived ingredients does wonders for your body and the environment. We believe it can also be a great form of self-care. 

Here are our best tips for making this lifestyle work for you.

Set Goals For Your Clean Journey

Everyone’s natural care preferences and needs look different, some more extreme than others. Feel empowered to decide how far you want to go with your journey. Set goals that are applicable and unique to what makes you feel good. Ask yourself questions like:

  • What does “clean” mean to me?
  • What do I want to accomplish by doing this?
  • In what areas of my life do I want to make this change?

Research Common Toxins

Commit to learning more about harsh ingredients and their numerous names, so you don’t get tricked into buying a product that’s just as harmful as the one you’re giving up. When you are out shopping, remember to check for these ingredients — even if the label claims to be clean. Trust yourself to leave a product on the shelf if the marketing doesn’t feel trustworthy.

Research Yourself

While websites can tell you what’s harmful to most people — only you can decipher what’s unsafe for you. Start a deep dive into self-discovery to better understand your allergies, irritants, and overall reactions to different ingredients. The more in tune you are with how you function, the more successful you will become at trialing new products.  

Avoid Comparison

Your new natural products may not function or have the same effects as your old ones — and they aren’t technically supposed to. It may take a while, but you’ll begin to adjust and appreciate the gentleness of natural products and how they make you feel. You may be surprised to find they work better in the long run. 

We’d Love To Be Part Of Your Clean Living Journey! 

Try our non-toxic, ethical nail polishes and treatments for a safer alternative to your self-care beauty regiment. And, you can learn how to eat cleaner with nutritionist Frances Holmes inside our educational platform, Rooted Woman University.

How do you feel about clean living? Drop your feedback in the comments below!

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