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Natural Ways To Boost Energy

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Sometimes, managing everyday life can be draining. Between your to-do list and finding time to be present for others, it’s easy to mentally, emotionally, and physically overwhelm yourself. Aside from your favorite foamy coffee beverages, we encourage you to practice healthy, rejuvenating self-care that can help restore your vitality and make you feel good overall. Here are some of our natural, energy-boosting self-care tips. 

Establish A Rejuvenating Morning Routine 

Instead of waking up 30 minutes before heading out the door, take some time to fill your morning with things that make you feel alive and centered. Our sister, the founder of Balanced Black Girl Lestraundra Alfred, demonstrated her morning routine for us on our Instagram. Check it out to see what you may want to add to yours. 


You may not always have time for a nap, but you can always squeeze in at least 10 minutes to give your brain a rest. Get still to refocus on positive outcomes and things that make you happy.  

Listen To Your Favorite Music

There’s always that one song that, no matter what happens, makes you feel like dancing as soon as it comes on. Set your playlist to some upbeat tunes while you get ready to head out for the day. Treat it just like you would for a night out on the town. 

Introduce Pops Of Color

Colors, like red and pink, invite vibrancy and energy into your atmosphere. Apply these colors in your home, in your wardrobe, and even on your nails. We have a vast collection of non-toxic red and pink polishes waiting for you on our website. 

Rest Well

The secret to having energy is not just going to sleep — but truly embracing peaceful rest. If you are struggling with restful sleep, we encourage you to educate yourself on the key things that could be affecting your rest. Sign up for our course, “Nourishing Our Mind, Body, and Spirit in Times of Uncertainty,” led by certified nutritionist Frances Holmes on Rooted Woman University.

Have you tried any of these self-care practices? Do any of them work for you? Let us know in the comments below! 

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