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New Year, New Roots

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Happy New Year, Rooted Woman. We are a few days into 2021, and we don’t know about you, but everything actually feels new. While we have the same goal of radical self-care for every stage of womanhood — we know it will look a bit different this year. Besides, after living through a year like 2020, who could really think about self-care the same? 

Last year, we all came face-to-face with a pandemic that slowed our busy lives and removed a lot of distractions. For some, it was a wake-up call to what really matters (i.e., quality time with loved ones while you have them). On the other hand, racial uproar showed us just how divided this country is at its core. After being confined to our homes for more than half of the year and hit with uncertainty after uncertainty, the importance of “chasing the bag” and “keeping up with the Jones’” took a backseat to just wanting to be okay — emotionally, mentally, and spiritually. In our opinion, 2020 showed us the difference between temporary pleasures and sustainable serenity — and why it will forever be important to strive for the latter. 

For us, 2021 is personal. We’re taking a more grounded approach to womanhood — one built on regulated emotions, healthy self-awareness, and unconditional grace. These are the elements of self-care that no one can take from you — no matter what. We want you to focus on building your inner self, too, so that you can flourish in any situation you find yourself in. That, we believe, is truly something to be radical about! 

We will continue to provide you with self-care resources and ethically sourced nail polishes, with more authenticity and heart than ever. If you haven’t already, join our 12k+ community on social media. To further start the year off right, please subscribe to Staying Rooted, our new and improved weekly newsletter. 

We look forward to glowing and growing with you this year!

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