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Defining Your Core Values

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What’s really important to you, Rooted Woman? With the excitement of the new year, it’s a great question to ask yourself. Too often, we go through life forgetting to check in with who we are at our core, but we believe it’s just what you need to put your goals, dreams, and desires into perspective again. 

Greater self-awareness starts with knowing your core values. Below, we’ve put together our best advice on how you can define yours. 

Your Values Won’t Be Like Everyone Else’s

Rooted Woman’s core values are love, wellness, sisterhood, and freedom. These are values we’d love for you to have too — but that doesn’t mean they will be as important to you as they are to us. You are your own woman, led by your own experiences, perspective, and needs. Your core values will be just as unique. Don’t feel pressured to adopt anyone else’s principles as your own. Instead, allow yourself to have your own fundamental beliefs and moral compass. 

Your Values Have Emotional Roots

You can create a distinctive list of your values by searching inward. Think about times when you felt extremely satisfied, extremely loved, extremely secure. Be honest about the root of the circumstances that manifested these feelings. Likewise, think about the things that made you fearful, frustrated, angry, or disappointed. What was lacking in these moments that would have made you feel better? Such a deep dive will reveal so much about you to you. 

Your Values Will Make Sense For You 

Examining your emotions will probably uncover a long list of values, but your core values will encompass the sum of who you are. Narrow down your value list in your reflection time, paying close attention to the phrases that move, inspire, and characterize you the most. It may take some time, but try to get your core list to between 3-5 core values at most. 

Core Values Are Meant To Be Asserted 

Knowing and asserting your core values can lead to greater self-confidence, healthier boundaries, and a more fulfilled life. We hope they keep you grounded in how you treat yourself, how you relate to others, and how you pursue your deepest desires. Most importantly, we hope your core values show you how best to spend your time, energy, and focus this year!

When you have your core values, let us know what they are below!

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