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How To Start Your Self-Discovery Journey

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Shakespeare said, “To thy own self be true,” which is a mantra of self-love and self-acceptance even today. Still, you can’t be true to yourself without knowing who you are, and that’s where self-discovery comes in. It includes the personal evaluation of your skills, key characteristics, desires, needs, weaknesses, fears, and motivations — all leading to healing, boosted self-esteem, and a more fulfilled life. 

The good news is, self-discovery is something you can begin anytime, anywhere. Here are some ways you can start right now.


Reflect On Your Life 

The journey of self-discovery starts with thinking back to the things that have impacted you, even from childhood. If you haven’t started journaling already, we believe this is a great time to start. Ask yourself deep questions about your upbringing and revisit the critical milestones of your earlier years. It will help you better understand what drives you. 

Allow Yourself To Dream 

Through self-discovery, we connect who we are with who we want to be. Permit yourself to admit what you want out of life, regardless of if you think it’s obtainable. Pay attention to your emotions as you create your fantasy world. What about what you want excites you or makes you feel hopeful? Your dreams and desires will tell you a lot about what’s important to you.

Embrace Your Uniqueness 

Look for ways to define what makes you special and dynamic. Explore new skills and interests and commit to learning more about them. A great way to find your best traits is to ask trusted friends and family members what they love about you. 

Stop Running From Adversity 

What areas have you been avoiding in your life? How do you deal with fear? Are you struggling to make a decision? Self-discovery not only requires you to look at the pretty things about your life — you have to face some of the ugly stuff, too. It can be scary, but be patient with yourself through this process. If this seems too daunting, we encourage you to give counseling and therapy a try. 

Invest In Self-Discovery Resources 

Fill yourself with knowledge on the self-discovery process as you look within. Read, attend seminars, and browse blog articles like this one. You can also take online courses, like the ones we provide through our sister brand, Rooted Woman University. From skill-building to creating a healthy lifestyle, we’re here to support your womanhood journey!

Start your self-discovery journey inside Rooted Woman University today! 

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