4 Things That Make Rooted Woman Different

4 Things That Make Rooted Woman Different

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Rooted Woman is much more than a nail polish line. Our heart is for every woman’s wholeness and well-being. We want you to believe that you deserve it, and for you to know that you always have access to self-care. The care we take is evident in every part of the business - the pieces you see, and the ones you may not. To help you better understand us, we’ve highlighted a few things that set us apart for you below.

We Make Our Polishes 10-Free 

We created a formula free of harmful toxins commonly found in beauty products because we value your safety. Although nail lacquers cannot be made entirely with organic ingredients (yet), we have been intentional about ensuring that Rooted Woman products are as close as possible! See our full list of the ingredients to know what you will (or won’t) find in each bottle. 

We Small-Batch And Hand Pour 

To uphold our high standard of authenticity, we bottle each polish with care and intention, ensuring that you get the highest quality product possible for your money. 

We Are Black-Woman Owned And Operated 

We continue to build Rooted Woman as a financial resource to employ women and people of color, and we will continue to for years to come. We must show the world (and ourselves) we are beautiful, special, and important beyond measure. That is why we partner with Black and Brown creatives to create the captivating images of Black and Brown women in our marketing and promotions. Furthermore, we donate to Black advocacy groups, like our friends at YWCA Chicago, who work to empower women and eliminate racism. 

We Aim To Educate, As Well As Inspire 

Not only does Rooted Woman promote radical self-care, but we also encourage radical self-discovery. We launched our sister brand, Rooted Woman University, as an online resource for women to learn more about themselves and their place in the world. We will continue to provide educational topics that matter to you most, ranging from health and wellness to emotional development and skill-building.

We love having you as a part of our community. Make sure to interact with us on social media, as we continue to provide a place for our community of 12k+ to get self-care advice, nail care tips, affirmations, and much more!

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