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Fall and Winter Nail Care Tips

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Summer is officially coming to a close, ushering in the brisk air and drier conditions that require a little more emphasis on self-care. As the seasons change, we’re here to support all facets of your well-being, including the maintained health of your hands and nails. To help you keep your manicures nourished and flourishing, we have a few tips and tricks for proper nail care.

Moisturize Frequently

The cold weather and indoor heating will dry out your nails, causing them to break and chip. A solution to avoid breakage is moisture. Lotion and condition your cuticles, put a humidifier in your home, and drink plenty of water.

Wear Gloves

Gloves are more than a fashionable way to keep your hands warm in the winter — they also help to lock in moisture. They are the perfect protection that allows you to enjoy the great outdoors without the concern of brittle nails.

Avoid Acetone 

Nail products with acetone can contribute to the dryness of your nails. Instead, use a non-toxic polish remover that aids in the nourishment of your nails, rather than stripping them. Rooted Woman’s best-selling Nail Polish Remover is organic, vegan, and 10-free — which will produce long-lasting benefits for your nails.

Prioritize Your Base Coat

Nail strengtheners make your nails stiff and rigid, which can lead to breakage in the drier months of the year. During the fall and winter, it’s best to support the nourishment and flexibility of your nails. Our solution for that is a good base coat. Rooted Woman’s Foundation base coat is a hydrating blanket for your nails, made with water from prickly pear and functional actives from coconut and castor bean.

Keep Your Nails Shorter

During the winter, long nails can lead to more breakage, as your nails are more brittle than usual. Still, short nails don’t have to mean less fun. Spice up any manicure with a self-care session using our some Rooted Woman favorites, such as Unconditionally Loved, Favored, and Renewed.

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