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The Importance of Base + Top Coats

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Nail care is a fun way to incorporate creativity into your self-care routine, especially since we are at home more often these days. We use our hands for nearly everything, so it is important to carve out time and give yourself the necessary care to keep your nails healthy and thriving. Manicures and pedicures are more than just cute colors and designs. All things start with a foundation, and end with a sleek finish - your nails are no different sis! Here's a look at the importance of base coats and topcoats.

The Foundation

Have you ever wondered why after taking your nail polish off, your nails feel dry and sometimes turn a yellow color? Colored nail polish can be harsh when applied directly on top of your nail, which is why you need a base coat before applying color. This initial coat not only protects and revitalizes your nails, it also sets the tone for long-lasting color while building strength. Think of it as setting up the foundation for building and maintaining strong, healthy nails. Rooted Woman has a wonderful organic, non-toxic base coat, Foundation, that replenishes and supports hydration to highlight your nail’s natural beauty.

The Preservation

Unless dull is what you're going for, you need a top coat to help your nails shine while illuminating the art you just made. This final coat also aids in preventing chipping, while adding an extra layer of strength to your nails. Your hands will have a beautiful, glossy finish once dry. Rooted Woman has the perfect top coat, Covered, that will keep your nails looking flawless while using non-toxic ingredients.

Do you use a top coat and base coat? If so, let us see! Tag us in your manicure routine on social media @RootedWoman. 

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