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Start A Self-Love Conversation With Yourself

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Earlier this month, we gave you some foundational tips on the importance of positive self-talk. Today, we’re offering you a practical way to get started. We believe one of the best ways to establish a loving relationship with you is to foster healthy communication with yourself. Whether you journal, practice affirmations in the mirror, or randomly getting lost in your daydreams — we encourage you to talk to yourself about things other than your to-do list. We curated this thought-provoking list of self-love prompts that will get you reflecting on the amazing attributes that make you. We hope they make you fall in love with yourself all the more!  

When is the last time you felt seen or appreciated? 

When is the last time you let yourself have something you truly wanted? When is the next time you’d like to do that? 

What is the best compliment you’ve ever received?

What positive character traits do you have?

What will you accomplish internally in the next five years?

What could you do to boost your self-esteem further? When can you start?

What are things you’d like to say “No,” to, and how can you say it in a way that’s comfortable for you?

Who appreciates you, and how have they shown it?

What does true freedom look like to you? When can you schedule a day to experience it? 

How do you indulge yourself, and how can you do it more often?

Who are your role models/idols? How are you already like them?

What is ‘enough’ for you?

What makes you feel strong?

When do you feel the most like yourself? 

What about your body is already a masterpiece?

What do you love about your life?

When does your physical body feel joy?

When do you feel the most confident, and why?

Add one or more of these questions to your self-reflection time, and let us know how you feel!

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