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Self-Trust Is A Must

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Self-trust runs deep. It is a sensitive practice requiring you to handle the vulnerable parts of you with care — but it isn’t something that happens overnight. Taking care of your needs and safety is critical to building self-trust. Making you a consistent priority is vital to sustaining it after that. But what does that look like? Here are just a few ways.

Avoiding People Who Undermine Your Self-Worth

Sis, you know the people. The ones who always share their opinion and leave you questioning attributes about yourself. Some people bring others down to feel better about themselves. The one thing you must remind yourself is that you can’t change them or their outlook. Moreover, the person probably doesn’t mean any harm. But, you know yourself better than anyone — and that includes your sensitivities. Protect your mental space from negative energy that will taint the positivity and optimism you’re cultivating.

Keeping Promises To Yourself

Why is it so easy to hold integrity for our commitments to others, but so easy to neglect what we’ve vowed to ourselves? We encourage you to practice making your personal commitments a non-negotiable. Value your time, presence, body, mind, and spirit, without taking any of what you are for granted. It will build not only your self-trust but also your self-worth. Promise to take care of yourself, especially during this time of uncertainty. It will be the only thing you have to lean on for any rocky roads you hit in the future.

Speaking Kindly To Yourself 

Critiquing yourself is a habit. It is a bad habit but a habit, nevertheless. If you take the time to trust, you can grow into the person you want to be. Understand you are not perfect. Give yourself grace. Trusting yourself helps you in relationships as well. Trust is the guiding force in a relationship, so you have to believe in yourself before supporting another person. If you’re struggling with how you talk to you, we encourage you to revisit our positive self-talk tips from last week

Remember that you deserve to be uniquely and authentically loved and accepted by you. Let us know how we can support you in evolving in your self-trust journey.

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