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Our 2020 Gratitude Lists

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Many of us experienced unimaginable grief and loss this year. The painful realities of 2020 have forced us to look at life in very different ways, and left many fighting for a glimpse of hope and peace. The fact that we've made it to November is definitely emotional, especially because it's supposed to be a time of thanksgiving and celebration. Although it was tough, this challenged us to sit back, dig deep, and explore the year 2020 from a lens of gratitude, which we found helpful. 

A few Rooted Woman team members shared their 2020 gratitude lists, with the hopes of encouraging and inspiring you below.

CEO and Founder, India Williams

I'm grateful for the Rooted Woman team. Everyone on the team joined in 2020, and I couldn't be happier to have new energy, cosmic synergy, and deep commitment. One of my intentions for 2020 (I don't really do resolutions, LOL) was to "build and nurture a team that will help develop and execute a strategy that will allow Rooted Woman to take root and grow exponentially." That intention is manifested fully in each team member, and I'm beyond grateful. Personally, I'm grateful for growth and stillness. 

Business Development Manager, Amanda Monocado-Perkins

From my viewpoint, 2020 is a year of unrelenting mental assaults. It has made seeking joy and keeping perspective almost elusive. Yet, something positive has come from this year: An appreciation for the small moments that, even for a second, make me smile. Those moments inspire hope that brighter times are still to come. They are the moments I spend with my father on the phone to share our sarcastic humor; the occasional back rubs from my husband that remind me that we are on this journey together; the ability to sit on my front porch and breathe air, as I am surrounded by peace and quiet and daring wild bunnies in search of someone's garden to ravage; and the unexpected holiday card from a friend who lives miles away just to tell me how much she loves and misses me. In each of these small moments, I remember that I am alive, and there is something to smile about. If I am alive and smiling, there is something to hope for. I hope that greater is on the horizon. At some point, this year will have to relent. And, with it, I'll gladly relieve myself of the pressure it brought while I focus my attention on feeling alive with purpose and smiling a whole lot more. 

Administrative Support, Holli Muth

I am thankful for the personal growth, clarity, and quality time with my loved ones that I gained in 2020. The opportunity to slow down daily with my family has been a true blessing; it is certainly challenging at times, but the quality time I've been able to spend has been invaluable. The challenging times, both at home and in the world, have been a reminder of my resiliency and that I CAN do hard things, but that I also have a limit, and it's important to honor that. In this difficult season, I have been able to focus on finding alignment in my life, as well as take the time to sit with some of the uncomfortable realities in this world and to open my ears and my heart and do my absolute best to really listen. 

Happy Thanksgiving, Rooted Woman 

We encourage you to muster up the courage to embrace this holiday, love on your family and friends, and seek out the good within the bad. Answer this question along with us: 

Despite the uncertainty, what about 2020 are you most thankful for? 

Join in on our thanksgiving pow-wow by sharing your list in the comments below and on social media @RootedWoman.

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