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How to Choose Your New Nail Color

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Along with relaxing your body, a good manicure and pedicure can also boost your mood and self-confidence. Turn your next day of self-care up a notch with a new nail color that will accentuate your skin. We know every woman is different and we want to help you find your shade? Here is our best advice, along with some Rooted Woman recommendations. 

Bold colors flatter dark skin tones.

Deeper pinks and reds make your beautiful melanin pop. Try a shade like Healed. If you’re looking for a more understated look, then creamy nudes scream timeless elegance. Start with a color like Vulnerable.

Pastels complement medium skin tones.

Shades with a white base can highlight the tones in an olive-colored complexion. If that’s you, we recommend Grateful, our gray-hued tone, or Victorious, a dainty lavender. 

Bright colors pop on reddish-yellow skin tones.

Coral shades bring out the golden shine on your fingers and toes. Try a color like Awakening, for a playful vibe. Or, if nude fits your personality better, get yourself Freedom

Pink brings life to light skin tones.

Variations of pink — or nudes with pink undertones — bring warmth to fair skin. Rocking a shade like Overflowing would look great on you. Likewise, classic red is a staple for lighter skin. Try out our version, Unwavering.  Then, put on your glossy Covered topcoat and prepare to find any reason to use your pretty hands all week long! 


Confidence looks good on everyone.

We gave you our suggestions — but that shouldn’t keep you from coloring outside the lines (pun intended). You can make any of our ethically sourced, nontoxic polishes your own. Trust us, you'll look amazing as long as you're wearing them with confidence. 

The best way to find your new color is to experiment with as many as possible. You could purchase our Abundance Gift Set to try out four polishes at once. Or, see how any shade looks with your skin tone right now using our virtual experience.

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