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Why Should You Forgive?

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Are you struggling with unforgiveness? Resentment and bitterness are very valid feelings after being hurt. A violation of trust is tough to recover from because it hits in vulnerable parts of your being. Ignoring, downplaying, or shaming your emotions can do more damage than good to your delicate heart. Forgiveness is the gateway to better managing what you feel, so it doesn’t overwhelm your life.

Is It Time To Forgive? 

Unforgiveness causes harmful side effects for your well-being and relationships. Have you ever experienced any of these?

  • Trouble functioning because you can’t get the situation off your mind.
  • Thoughts of retaliation or compulsive behaviors that are out of character for you (some may even scare you).
  • Feelings of being stuck or on pause, subconsciously waiting for an apology.

If so, consider taking a forgiveness journey with yourself. We promise you, letting go feels so much better, and can be just as effective at producing change.

Forgiveness Is Freedom

As you forgive, you give yourself the power to rewrite your future, regardless of what happened in the past. You’ll start to see yourself and your world in a brighter light. You can release the responsibility of making sure someone else pays for your hurt and focus on making sure you — and those around you — are no longer hurting at all. 

Forgiveness Is Happiness

Forgiveness may not make things right — but it does invite peace into your heart. You will no longer have to suffer through negative thoughts or the emotional rollercoasters that starve your life of good experiences. It returns the power to you to live freely again.

Forgiveness Is Growth

Forgiveness takes the focus off of the hurt so that you can see the lesson. As you start to forgive, you expand your perspective on how to accept people and their flaws — all while setting healthy boundaries that protect you moving forward.

Take Your Time

We hope you open yourself up to new ways to foster healing and taking back your freedom, but know that forgiveness won’t happen overnight. Remember to always give yourself grace.

Have you ever had trouble forgiving someone? Tell us about your experience below.

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