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Why Invest In Self-Care?

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If we learned anything last year, it’s how dynamic self-care can get. Aside from spa sessions and staycations, it’s intentionally creating space and opportunity to listen to, heal, and work on you. Many women don’t see this as necessary enough to prioritize, but we are more dedicated to changing that narrative now than ever! If you have trouble investing in yourself, this is your year. Here are some reasons why it’s worth the money, time, and energy.  

Find Joy

We are allowed to be happy and to provide that emotion for ourselves. Whether it’s a cute bracelet or a glamorous new manicure, buying something for yourself invites the peace of self-appreciation into your hectic schedule.

Find New Healing

Self-care is as much about addressing the broken parts of you as it is about celebrating the good. Investing in resources that will help you become more aware of your emotional legacy will help you communicate more effectively and show up more grounded. Book that therapy session to get practical tools to heal from past trauma. Or, seek out a life coach to help you declutter your mind and get more organized. 

Find Better Health

The saying goes, “health is wealth,” for a reason. We believe that investing in your physical body's prosperity is one of the best things you can do for yourself. Seek out a nutritionist, like Rooted Woman University instructor Frances Holmes, to understand the foods that maximize your body. Or invest in a new cookbook of healthy recipes. And when it comes to physical activity, there are classes on just about every fun art form — yoga, meditation, and Zumba are only a few!  

Find Growth

Investing in your education and hobbies makes you a more well-rounded individual and improves your quality of life. The more you know about the world, and the more you know about yourself, gives you more confidence to go after the things you’ve always wanted. Start by investing in learning a new skill: Rooted Woman University has a fantastic photography course with pro Taylor S. Hunter you can start today. Or invest time in a community book club or interest group. Your options are endless! 

You’re Worth It

We often feel guilty for "splurging" on ourselves, but the truth is, we are so worth it. Know that whether you’re investing your time, money, or energy, there’s always something beautiful in it for you.

How are you going to invest in your self-care in 2021?

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