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How You Speak to You Matters

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How do you react when you feel pressure to look or act a certain way? What do you do when you feel disappointed and unfulfilled?  

Pushing yourself harder and picking apart your flaws is not beneficial for your mental, emotional, or physical health. To live rooted is to fall more in love with what you offer the world as you grow in confidence and peace. One of the best self-care practices to cultivate such power is healthy self-talk. 

Affirming with Love

Affirmations unleash the power of self-love to remind you of who you are, what you are, and what you deserve. They combat the narrative that tells you to be anything other than you and assure you that what’s for you can’t miss you.

Affirming with Gratitude

Declaring your thankfulness for even hard things helps you resist feelings of hopelessness and emotional fatigue. As you open your heart up to make peace with the present moment, you also invite in a more pleasant outlook on life. 

Affirming with Self-Manifestation

You can speak things, such as health, wealth, and joy, into existence with affirmations. You’ll become better at boldly claiming what you want without fear or self-sabotage.

Affirming with Rooted Woman

We take affirmations seriously! We post them on our social platforms to celebrate the beauty of your uniqueness, vulnerability, and personal evolution. We name our polishes and treatments with empowering “I am” statements to give you a constant reminder of your power, right at the tip of your fingers. We whole-heartedly believe in the power of affirming self-talk, and we encourage you to do it consistently as part of your self-care routine.

What Do Affirmations Do For You? Let us know how you use affirmations in your life below.

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