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Have you ever felt as though you finally had everything under control?  Then basked in that moment? Only to have that feeling seemingly disappear?  It happened to me last year. I thought I was doing great. Things were going well at work, I was the lead on a huge project.  Things were going well at home, my husband had a new job and my daughter was doing great in school. I embraced the feeling that I had done the undoable – I was a woman who had it all.  

The change happened so quickly.  A consultant was brought into my workplace who both knew nothing and knew everything.  He was viewed as an expert by senior management despite not having a clue about our business.  The very project that was on track a few weeks before was starting to have issues. My work life began to spiral.  I was tired, overworked and stressed. Unfortunately, I brought that stress home. I snapped at my family and withdrew from my friends.  I had lost my peace. And despite all of my confidence and positivity a few weeks prior, I felt helpless.

One day, I decided I’d had enough.  I woke up that day and decided that I was worth more. I took some time in the morning and meditated, something that I’d let fall to the wayside.  I allowed myself a few quiet moments in the morning to ground myself and reflect on my life. I made it a priority to speak kindly to my family. They deserved better than then broken person I’d allowed myself to become.  I went into work and stayed focused on my objectives. I did my best and trusted that my previous success, dedication and hard work were more than enough to see me through. At the end of the day, I took a walk to clear my head before heading home. I focused on loving my family. And closed my night with mediation.  My family, my skills and my integrity were much more than a few moments of success. They were an example of the woman I was proud to be. I just needed a reminder that nothing could take that away.

This routine of mediation and self-care became my norm. I gained peace.  Not based upon accomplishments but a solid foundation based upon who I am at the core - A Rooted Woman.

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