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February, The Month of Love

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Is it just us, or has love been in the air lately? Last Wednesday, we attended a pop-event hosted by Solo 2.0 Podcast x Beauty Bar Chocolate, where we connected with so many like-minded, inspiring, and soulful women who all had the intention of making meaningful connections with one another. 

To keep the connection spirit alive, we wanted to share with you three ways that you can spread love this weekend.


Girls’ Night In (or Out) 

Girls’ night doesn’t have to be fancy. It can be as simple as inviting a couple of the girls over, catching up on the latest in everyone’s life, and watching your favorite movie. We recommend providing a few fun snacks like the ones mentioned in this article. (tip: Make it a spa night by providing facials and using your favorite Rooted Woman nail polish).

Or, it can be as fancy as getting dolled up to have dinner at a new restaurant.

No matter where you choose to gather, be sure to use this time to check-in while everyone is all together. Create the space for your girls to share how they are really feeling, and where they can use a little extra support right now.


Family Sunday Funday 

While Sunday Funday is traditionally spent IRL (in real life), it doesn’t always have to be. Many of us don’t live in the same city as the majority of our families, and that can get lonely or sometimes frustrating. Thanks to technology, we can stay in touch with our loved ones no matter where they are. 

This weekend, we offer that you call up your favorite cousin, auntie, sister, niece, whoever and have some intentional fun with them! Share your favorite memories of one another, pull up old pictures of the good times, and schedule your next virtual date! 

Journal about how you feel after this call. Is this something you would like to do more often? Who can you call next time?

Self Love, the Best Love

Personally, this is our favorite way to spend the weekend. There is nothing like enjoying the comfort of your own space while everyone is out at the movies, bars, and restaurants. It gives you the time to create your own little world. Here are three simple ways to love on yourself this weekend:

Set a date:

Pick which day and time that you are going to disconnect from the world. Like, really disconnect: airplane mode and everything. Now put it on the calendar. 

Set the mood:

Light your favorite candle and put on the playlist that gives you all the feels. We highly recommend Snoh Aalegra, Summer Walker, India Arie, or Erykah Badu. 


Relax! Pick an activity (or don’t) that makes you feel the closest to yourself. Take a bath, journal, go through a yoga flow, meditate. Or our favorite, take a nap! This night is all about you

Enjoy your alone time the way that you see fit. Give yourself permission to have a night off, without placing judgment on “not being productive”or being unreachable. You deserve a night off sis. 

However you choose to spend your weekend, we hope that you stay open to receiving just as much love as you give. 

We want to see how you are celebrating Love this month. Share with us on Instagram @RootedWoman using the hashtag #RootedWomanLove!

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