India R. Williams — Founder + CEO of Rooted Woman – Rooted Woman

Meet India

India R. Williams

India D. Williams is an attorney at an international law firm, a self-care maven, and wellness advocate.

After an unexpected turn in her health in 2015, India unapologetically hit the pause button. While retiring the belief that work is life, her values such as self-care, self-love, and self-work came sharply into focus. She says that “the courage to start Rooted Woman was found in the depths of [her] own self-care emersion.” Because of India’s courage, Rooted Woman now offers thousands of women a safer alternative to traditional nail polish while consistently reminding them that they too deserve to slow down and relax. 

India believes that self-care takes different forms in every season of life. She offers herself grace to experience self-care in ways that feel good. Two self-care practices that are mostly common in all seasons are solo travel and counseling.  India also relishes in a soothing mani/pedi (the spa is one of her “happy places”), finds peace in evening meditation, and great joy in intentional time with loved ones. 

Because she brought each of the Rooted Woman products to life, she is incredibly grateful that our products, which are so dear to her, are a part of your life. Thank you for being a Rooted Woman and knitting us into the tapestry of your life story!