In a category unto itself, the Rooted Woman community is proof positive of what can happen when we cease to see “me time” as selfish and instead focus on replenishing ourselves.

What might otherwise be a choice made on impulse, a nail color chosen in the moment and without great significance, instead becomes a source of comfort and resolve.



Healed graces the hands of a Rooted Woman on her way to chemo.


Unafraid is the war paint of choice for an anxious college grad on the cusp of her first interview. 

Redeemed becomes the rallying cry binding three generations of women, from a matriarch of the Greatest Generation to her Gen Z granddaughter.

Join the Rooted Woman community and see for yourself the goodness that can unfold when excuses give way to the gift of intentionality.

Stay polished!

It’s self-care that sustains. A polish turned practical reminder of the virtues we never outgrow and often forget.

Can your manicure do that?


We believe that self-care lies at the heart of personal wellness, and that it is a necessity for all women, not an indulgent privilege afforded to few. To that end, Rooted Woman donates a portion of all proceeds annually to organizations that empower women of all ages.