Rosalyn Billingsley — Sacred Support Leader at Rooted Woman – Rooted Woman

Meet Rosalyn

Rosalyn Billingsley

As the Sacred Support Leader here at Rooted Woman, Rosalyn gracefully manages our day to day necessities such as scheduling, client communication, team organization, experience coordination, and much more. Through her support, she brings organizational harmony to our team.

She practices self-care through writing blogs and journal prompts + practices. She believes "whether it's embodied through movement, writing or speaking, radical honesty is the only pathway to freedom."

Rosalyn's favorite Rooted Woman product is our Plant-Based & Non-Toxic Nail Polish Remover. "I love this product because for as long as I can remember the smell of traditional nail polish remover has burned my nose and sometimes even my skin. I love that we offer something safer, and more enjoyable."