Danielle Hairston — Copywriter – Rooted Woman

Meet Danielle

Danielle Copywriter

As Rooted Woman’s Copywriter, Danielle helps bring Rooted Woman's personality to life through words! She takes the thoughts and ideas of the Rooted Woman team leadership and transforms them into the communications you see from us each day on social media, in blogs, and through email and other digital platforms. 

Because Danielle sits in front of her laptop for the majority of the day, it's important that she makes time to unplug from electronics to allow her brain to rest and recharge. She also practices self-care by pushing herself at the gym, being open to trying new things, and allowing herself to be loved and appreciated by others (which can sometimes be a challenge for her independent spirit).

Danielle’s favorite Rooted Woman product is the nail polish remover because it is all-natural and made with mineral oils — game-changer!