Amanda — Business Management Consultant – Rooted Woman

Meet Amanda


As Rooted Woman’s business management consultant, Amanda works behind the scenes with the team to establish processes, systems and strategies to help bring to life some of the major resources Rooted Woman offers to its community, such as Rooted Woman University. Amanda also shares her time as a strategist, public speaker and president of Stoutegy LLC.

Amanda’s believes self-care is self-love and self-protection. To love and protect herself, Amanda gives herself the grace to change her mind when it’s necessary, to speak honestly about her feelings and to simply unplug from electronics, take a bike ride and allow her mind to recharge.

Amanda’s favorite Rooted Woman product is Rooted Woman University. It’s where she can take her self-care practice to a new level at the click of a button, while sipping some tea, kicking up her feet and playing some Neo Soul in the background.