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Self-Care For Dry, Brittle Nails

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For the Rooted Woman, a manicure does more than just create pretty hands. It’s a holistic self-care regimen that encourages care for the entire body. Dry, brittle nails may signal that you’re neglecting to prioritize you. We’re here to support your nail care — and self-care — with tips on how to nurse your hands back to health.

Keep your hands moisturized 

Although hand sanitizer is a must these days, excessive use of it can dry out your skin. Counteract this effect by washing your hands with moisturizing hand soap, wearing gloves as you wash the dishes, and using healing hand lotions with essential oils throughout the day. 

Create a balanced diet 

Fill your plate with lean meats and green vegetables to get the protein and iron that feeds your nails. And don’t forget to stay hydrated. Drinking water plays a vital role in the durability of your hair, skin, and nails. For more advice on which foods maximize the function of your body, enroll in our Rooted Woman University course, “Nourishing Our Mind, Body, and Spirit in Times of Uncertainty,” with certified nutritionist Frances Holmes.  

Limit your use of harsh products 

Nail polish removers with acetone dry out your nails. Similarly, polishes with chemicals like formaldehyde and BDP weaken them. Stock up on non-toxic nail products that will retain moisture and strengthen your nails. Rooted Woman has ethically sourced, 10-free nail polishes and treatments that are good for your nails — and they look mighty stylish, too! 

Listen to your body 

Sometimes, brittle nails are a sign of a deeper issue within your body, such as an iron deficiency. If you continue to experience dry, brittle nails despite your constant search for remedies, it may be time for a check-up with your doctor. 

Create a nourishing manicure at home 

Of course, a routine manicure is also a great way to nurture and strengthen your nails — and you can do it right in your home with everyday items. Check out our how-to video with Ohio-based nail technician Lauren Adams on Instagram.

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